16th September London bound train derailed in a tunnel due to a landslide

Wet weather caused a landslip from the embankment at Hunton Bridge
HUNTON BRIDGE derailment on Friday 16th Sept.
I had an interesting experience at Hunton Bridge yesterday. Firstly, I am glad so few people were injured.
Some people had a very bad start to their day being stuck in a derailed train in a tunnel. I was called by a stock photo person to try and get some newsworthy shots. Going up a narrow lane I had to walk past several back to back rescue vehicles including fire engines, police cars, railway engineer vans, and ambulance all on stand by. Rail workers had a wheelbarrow with bottled water most likely for people trapped in the train in the tunnel. A landslide and been caused by torrential rain and apparently the front of the train had also been hit by another train. Only two people were injured and not seriously.
There were other photographers there armed with umbrellas, one step ladder between them and that guy shared it with the others. I have to say I was impressed by their camaraderie. One guy helped me over a piece of lumpy ground and I promptly slipped over. He smiled and said, "That wasn't supposed to happen." "No, it wasn't," was my reply. Now, I had a wet bottom as well as a dripping hat which was a poor substitute for an umbrella.
I did manage to reach my camera above my head taking great care not to scratch it or me on those fiendish blade deterrents on the top of the railway bridge.
I have now loaded my efforts on to the stock photo website. It was a learning curve for which I may not have any takers, but an interesting experience anyway. One tall guy took pity on little short me and pointed my camera over the fence on my behalf. I couldn't believe the kindness.
While all that was happening a local litter picker came by with his pick up stick and a huge plastic bag. It was business as usual for him. He had not heard about the rail accident, but stood on tiptoe to try and see over the top. He was glad nobody was badly hurt.